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Anti-Piracy Solutions

Remove Your Media combats online piracy with turnkey solutions for all your piracy issues. We do all the infringement take-down work thereby saving you money on costly out of pocket legal expenses. Additionally, we help those companies, with dedicated counsel, free up their legal resources to focus on other organizational issues.

Failing to protect your intellectual property will compromise both revenue and licensing opportunities in the space you operate in. We offer to bridge the gap between rights protection and rights holder. We lead the world, in global rights enforcement, and have set benchmarks that other large and more costly Fortune 500 anti-piracy organizations strive to imitate.

We offer assistance with traditional take downs, investigative services, merchandise enforcement and pre-litigation discovery. Contact us today for our whitepapers and a tailor-made proposal.

Search Enforcement

When there are less pirated options available in the public domain, users may be more likely to turn to legitimate sources instead. This is particularly true if the legitimate sources are easier to access or offer a better user experience than the pirated options.

Removing pirated search results can improve the search engine rankings of legitimate media sources. Search engines like Google prioritize websites with high-quality content and penalize those that engage in illegal activity, such as piracy. By removing pirated search results, legitimate media sources may see their search engine rankings improve, making them more visible to users and increasing their traffic.

Overall, removing pirated search results can have a positive impact on the traffic and visibility of legitimate media sources, which is good for both the media industry and consumers.

Service Provider Engagement

Our key to success lies in relentless search engine removals, repeat hosting/registrar DMCAs, social media elimination and advertising enforcement correspondence. We remove millions of infringing links, every week, and are directly responsible for the closure of nearly one thousand illegal domains annually.

98% of all piracy encountered is made available through as few as forty global service providers. Increasingly, the service provider Cloudflare now controls a vast majority of high-profile web portals. Approximately 80% of all sites, on the visible internet, use a content delivery network which is reliant on Cloudflare.

We use Cloudflare's trusted submitter api which delivers infringement notices, to offending targets, 24/7/365. Over the course of 24 hours, we forward  more than 500K urls to Cloudflare for true host routing.

Counterfeit Removals

A recent online US government study showed that 40% of online product purchases, made at the most popular e-commerce sites, involved the sale of counterfeit merchandise.  We can help you:

  • Save money bypassing litigation.
  • Make money moving buyers to legal options.
  • Deter others who may consider brand theft.

We were among the first to create a service that was all but non-existent for brand enforcement outside of traditional legal options. Our service maintains a 99% effective removal rate from most online and e-commerce platforms. 

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Legal Options

In an ideal world, most companies would prefer not to settle copyright or trademark disputes in the court systems. Unfortunately, some threat actors require additional enforcement routes which may be irremediable using traditional means.

We offer assistance with copyright subpoenas, UDRPs, cease and desists, rule 202 depositions (Texas-based) and Copyright Claims Board filings.

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